GC Asociados is a Spanish legal firm specializing in real estate advice aimed at individuals and mainly British companies seeking to acquire a property in Spain.

Our experience will allow you to acquire the property you are looking for anywhere in the Spanish territory, especially in the Costa del Sol (Málaga) with all the legal guarantees you can expect. We are honoured to receive external recognition for our professionalism, our quality of work and our commitment to client care.

Our firm puts at your disposal a whole team of professionals with a wide experience in operations related to real estate. We are advising non-resident clients in Spain, especially from Great Britain adapting to their particular circumstances to achieve their complete satisfaction.

Our real estate team handles the entire property life-cycle, from acquisition and development through to letting and disposal.

Our professionals will carry out all the legal procedures that are necessary, managing and carrying out the pertinent checks before any organism.
We attend individuals and companies.
Our real estate services adapt to our clients’ profiles: buyers or sellers.


GC Asesores offers the individual, owner, buyer or seller legal and tax advice before the acquisition or sale of a property in Spain.

We carry out all the legal procedures of the sale of a property, from the drafting of the contract, notarial aspects, registration in the property registry or tax aspects.

Our real estate services adapt to our clients’ profiles: buyers or sellers.

We are experts in Real Estate Tax Advice for Non-Residents.

Our work includes:

  • Legal advice on the acquisition or sale of a property
  • Legal Counsel Succession Law: British and Spanish Legislation: (Inheritance, Donations, Wills, etc.)
  • Family Law (Divorce, Compensation, etc.)
  • Banking Law (Mortgage Products)
  • Tax Law (Taxation, Non Resident Income Tax, VAT, TPO)
  • Preparation of declarations of new work. Legalization of buildings
  • Tax advice on the acquisition of real estate
  • Continuous tax advice for non-residents who rent their property.
  • Tax advice on the sale of real estate
  • Presentation of Goodwill
  • Urban Law (Licenses)
  • Notary Services
  • Registration Services
  • Diverse efforts before Spanish Administrations and Organizations
  • Valuations, Reports, Licenses, Communities of Owners, etc.

Before carrying out any real estate operation in Spain, contact our Firm.

If you require further information or assistance, we can support our clients from the very first management of your purchase.


Our experience in real estate law is mainly focused on British companies that want to carry out transactions of real estate purchase in Spain guarantees the safety of our client.

We can adapt to your company’s needs, We work effectively.

Whether it is a sale, a purchase or a lease; a contract for the execution of a work, the writing of a construction project or a turnkey construction. In all of them details are really important. Our firm can advise you on real estate finance and tax structures, advising owners, lenders, borrowers, equity investors, lead managers and others on all aspects of financing, secured lending and securitisation, including commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions.

Specialists in real estate management in the Costa del Sol

Although we try to avoid any possible conflict through the proper drafting of the contract, our advice does not end in case of litigation, we can provide your legal defence successfully.

Our work includes:

  • General advice (sales, purchase, leasing, etc.)
  • Corporate Law (Incorporation, Sale of Companies, M&A, etc.)
  • Acquisition and Transmission of real estate
  • Due-Diligence of real estate
  • Tax Law (Optimization of payment of fees)
  • Banking Law (Mortgage Products)
  • Notary Services
  • Registration Services
  • Create, administer and sell down all types of joint ventures and fund or other holding structures
  • Drafting / Modification of contracts of sale, leasing and leasing
  • Advice on leasing of business premises
  • Constitution of the regime of horizontal property and division of farms
  • Management in Business Parks, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls
  • Collaboration projects between the public and private sector
  • Corporate structuring that suits your investment
  • Asset management, and sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Advice on construction contracts, ranging from major infrastructure provision and power and energy projects to inner city development and regeneration

GC Asesores: Professionalism, quality of work and commitment to client care.

We can advise on office, retail, hotel and leisure, infrastructure and logistics, energy, or healthcare projects in Spain. Contact us.

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